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This is one of those movies that come with such weird and funny plots, the kind that makes you want to watch it right now because you have to know what the heck it is. Like remember that movie about the vagina with teeth? I do not want to reveal the plot of this movie for you because it itself comes as a nice surprise in the first few minutes and, like I said, it’s super funny.

But it’s not that such comic plots turn me off. No. And on the top of that, the cinematography and the music in this movie worked too well for me. I found myself tightly gripped and the hours flew by like anything the moment I sat down to watch it (it was exactly midnight. Oh, I love it when I do that to myself).

This movie has been categorised as a horror, but it really just lingers on the borderline because except for a few jump scares (which were really nice by the way) and a very few awesome scary scenes, the movie is entirely something else.

I love the movies that transport me back to the 80’s. And this one worked like a charm. Those clothes, the beaches, the photographs, the houses, the streets and trees, the wind of that time, the cigarettes – ahh, if only I had a time machine. The protagonist did an excellent job, the screenplay is good, the other actors were nice enough and the storyline was fine as well. The movie got its funny bits and there are some really quirky elements that I cannot stop thinking about. This movie is something I’d really recommend to someone who loved the Stranger Things TV show.

The things that put me off a teensy bit include the unresolved plot points. There are quite a many pieces of the puzzle that are missing that give me an uneasy feeling; is it just me who is missing them or they really are the loopholes of the movie? I know there are many secrets one needs to look out for in the scenes, read between the lines, but still I am sure there are some obvious things that are lacking.

However, the good things is, the movie is more than it meets the eye. It is hard to get catch the soul of it the first time but the movie revolves a lot around that feeling of being lost in the teenage years. The recklessness of teenagers, the decisions that they make, the way they play with their lives – it’s not very apparent in the movie and probably, it has not been projected very strongly as well, but it is there.


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