Who am I?

After spending a lot of years thinking about this question, I am finally at peace with my identity (sort of). The first twenty years of my life were those an ordinary son of an upper middle class north Indian family.

It was in the third year of my engineering college when I started dipping my toes in the wilderness of books and reality. After graduating, I spent around one and a half years in a deep existential and identity crises, while asking myself all sorts of questions I felt I should have asked earlier when the whole process first began.

In those weirdest years of my life, I tried a software development job, starting up my own venture, helping my dad in his own business and then finally, after realising I am just not here for any of these things, I started travelling secretly and found my calling there.

Honestly, if it were possible for me, I would gladly renounce the materialistic fucked up life society expects you to live and start living as a nomad. For me, the lessons the road teaches are incomparable. But like everybody, I was born with some responsibilities and I detest them so so much. Thus, taking care of all these cases and expecting that I won’t go insane, I am aspiring to be an academic nomad.

I want to talk to you about a whole lot of things, tell you more about my story and listen to yours but it’s just impossible to write everything here. So, I hope we’ll meet somewhere sometime and indulge in the underrated pleasure of sharing stories.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you about my blog. Well, my blog contains very random posts. You might not even understand half of them because they are not really meant to be read by anybody except me. I am not much good at writing. I like to watch movies sometimes and when I really like one, I post its quotes and/or snapshots. Sometimes, I just sit back and write lousy poetry. And other times, when I am pure high, I might write about my deepest darkest secrets. Lol. I hope you visit here again.