the magic of drifting to a weak beautiful sleep induced by the satisfying words of a novel and warmth of the sun at four in the daylight.


There’s probably one parallel world where I’ve already committed suicide, and one where I’ve stopped talking with my family and travelling the whole world, and one where I’m a badass computer programmer, and one in which I’m working with my proud dad in his business.

And then, there’s this one where I’m constantly fighting each and everyday, sturggling to cope with everything, that includes my existence, my career, my family and friends, and the huge suffering in this world as we know it.

To New Perspectives!

Look around yourself.

You’ll find people looking for happiness,

as if it is something lost.

Apparently, being happy is hard.

That’s why so many are trying and failing, isn’t it?

But, does it not sound stupid?

Isn’t it simply turning a light bulb in your mind?

Fill room with light, fill brain with light? Same thing?

How could one make such a thing one’s life purpose?

I have always known it to be wrong.

But people denied me again and again.

They said we chase happiness. Come with us.

I said no. I’m fine.

I whispered to myself “I’m happy” and they went away.

I went away too but in the opposite direction.

There lies more things beyond

waiting to be known..



Here’s a TED talk to go with. Go nuts!